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A Peculiarly English form of Fascism

A Peculiarly English Form of Fascism


Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein Fuhrer

A Random Imaginary Inventory

Constant use of the phrases:

‘The Will of the People’ and ‘The People’s Will’

Proroguing parliament

Mythologizing a leader

Extinction of the concept of integrity

Cavalier attitude to truth and honesty

Turning a blind eye to money’s influence in elections

But wanting to control individual electors through ID measures

Rule by Slogan

A supine yet vulpine media

An apparently supine opposition

An attack on the right to demonstrate

Stage-managed acts of national unity instead,

Militarism, Hierarchy, Inequality

The inculcation of a prescribed ‘national history’


Defiance of international law

Fetishization of infrastructure projects



Banning of books

Demonising dissenters and dissidents

Criticised by clerics and priests

Officially sanctioned ‘free speech’ demands at universities

Flying the flag

No right to wander

Propagandist addresses to the nation

Opposition to trade unionism

Cronyism: honours, contracts, jobs, posts

Use and exploitation of referendums

Wanting to control the naming of public spaces

Structural racism

Structural misogyny and sexism

Statues more important than women

Supported by and seeking the support of far-right organisations:

‘Tomorrow Belongs, Tomorrow Belongs, Tomorrow Belongs to Me’

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